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Updated: Oct 11, 2020

When we can’t see the road ahead, a Coach helps us create the next step, repeatedly, until a path is created!

Here are some common reasons for which people approach Life Coaches:

  • Get clarity on vision and purpose in life

  • Live life by design & choice, not by chance

  • Improve personal and professional relationships

  • Gain confidence and develop a stronger self-concept

  • Overcome limiting habits (like procrastination) and achieve goals

  • Overcome challenges & adversities

  • Manage stress, time, & energy and create harmony in life

  • Figure out ways to remain motivated and happy with the work they do

  • Choose a career after school or graduation or change career which is more aligned with one's values, beliefs, and goals

  • Overcome Martyr syndrome. Martyr Syndrome is when someone becomes selfless to an extent that he/she loses his/her identity.

  • Evolve to be the greatest version of self

  • Unlock one's highest potential

A coach can push you beyond your perceived limits and into a more competitive and efficient place in your career. Working with a coach shows that you are serious about your future and you are ready to transform into your greatest self.

The coach observes you & your situation at hand, helps you identify the real problem, makes you think of the best suited plan of action, holds you accountable, & walk with you step by step on the road of action. Throughout the coaching process, you would be able to be measure and evaluate results.

People often confuse Coaching with Counselling, Consulting or Mentoring and are not able to get a life-changing experience. Coaching focuses on the present and the future while Counselling focuses on the past and therapy. Consulting is advising clients to take actions, on the contrary, Coaching is about asking the right questions and active listening to support clients in finding their path. Coaching is all about the journey and nothing about advising or instruction like Mentoring. The coach requires expertise in Coaching, and not in the subject at hand.

We face several problems, setbacks, disappointments, conflicts etc. every day regardless of whether we are ascending the corporate ladder or starting on our own as an entrepreneur or stay-home daddy or mommy or fighting pandemic Covid-19. Even at our best, we are not able to find our blind spots and are not able to change our unfavourable habits, values or beliefs which are preventing our growth. Undoubtedly our parents, siblings, spouse, and friends care about us, but they are not professionally trained to analyse our mindset and deliver desired outcomes. Many a times, we wonder how wonderful it would have been if we had someone who could guide us and help us to get through difficult situations. Who is that someone? The answer is Life Coach.

Life Coaches work with clients to identify and remove obstructions to maximise one's satisfaction in all areas of life. Going to a Life Coach doesn’t reflect that we are incapable of solving problems on our own. In fact, it shows that we are ready to create desired outcomes with a professional’s help in half the time and effort. This is especially relevant in a VUCA world where everybody wants everything in milliseconds.

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