Take Control of Your Day by Choosing Your STATE

Do you run your days or do your days run you? Did you know, most of our time in a day is spent on autopilot. We think, feel, & act the same way every day, until we are shocked out of the 'autopilot'. The external shocks can be constructive or destructive, it's scary to leave it to chance! That's where 'internal shock' comes in like a magic wand in our hands, something I am going to tell you about today. Anyhow, are you wondering what's wrong with functioning on autopilot? Well, what's wrong is that you lose control… of your thoughts, your actions, your energy, & gradually on your life. So, how can you get out of the 'autopilot' & take charge of your days & eventually take charge of your life? Read on to discover.

1. Autopilot increases efficiency, if you CHOOSE it

Autopilot mode is made up of our several habits, behaviors, and natural responses to people, things, or circumstances over time. Our brain considers repeated action as favorable action So it smartly picks all our habits and patterns and plays them on repeat as we go on with our lives. This saves us a lot of time & energy spent on redundant activities like brushing your teeth, chewing your food, walking, etc. The problem begins when we decide to do something different in life. Let's pick new-year resolutions for example. Most people want to try new things, change their habits, or transform their lives around new year's. And one thing that's most famous about New Year resolutions is that they tend to fail. Guess, why? Well, because soon after the new-year rush wears out, we fall back on auto-pilot & resume living life in our familiar ways. Remember we can't change our lives until we change how we live our days; we can't change our day until we take charge of our actions; and actions are outcomes of our thoughts, feelings, and intention. If you connect the dots, you will see how autopilot is a mere weapon, it's in our hands to wisely leverage it. The trick is to strike a balance wherein we use auto-pilot for redundant activities and take back charge when change, growth, or evolution is on the horizon.

2. All about STATE

State is nothing but the state of mind you're in. The catch is, that most of us fail to recognize what state of mind we're in. We get so caught up in the loop of day-to-day occurrences that we forget to check in with ourselves on how we're feeling, what we're thinking, what's our north star, etc. When something favorable happens to us, we are in a good state of mind. In the good